Friday, July 31, 2009

Another day.....

Today was interesting but not nearly as interesting as tomorrow is going to be. I'm honestly not looking forward to it at all. I'm on a zone that I've only worked once before and my partner is well not someone that I'm really gung ho on working with. She doens't do much to help. So yeah.... I'm not sure who all is upstairs exactly but yeah... I have a feeling that I'll be snagging someone else for my two people peeps and really I only have one of those. Sunday however is going to be a whole other can of worms! Oh god... Yeah, on Sunday I'm with someone who moves slower then a snail and I'm being generous. She takes FOR FUCKING EVER to get her shit done and on top of that she takes long fucking breaks. The last time I worked with her, she took two lunches! After we got done with breakfast and laid our peeps down, she went to break... okay not a big deal. However, in the course of an hour she was on the floor for five minutes! She was gone for a half hour for her "break" and then turned around and went to lunch. Needless to say I jumped her shit.... and then let the head nurse and MOD know what had happened. She cried to our DNS, but nothing was said to me about it NOTHING!!! SO HAH!!! But now after like six months they put that twit with me..... on top of that, they stuck me with a student! So now I have to deal with pokey the slow poke and someone doing clinicals.... joy. Gotta wonder though who's brillent idea that was. Who in thier right mind would subject some poor soul to my company and 'teaching' for eight hours?! I have a feeling that unlike most weekends, this one is going to be ANYTHING but relaxing..... it's going to be a biblical nightmare..... *insert dramatic sigh here*
On a better note, this coming Friday, August 7th is WARPED!!!! And yes I will be joining the throngs of freaks and going. I'm looking forward to it. Plus I get a three day weekend that weekend. I asked for Friday and Saturday off for Warped. Then on the 14th, I get my three tats! and I have to work... I kind of wonder how that's going to go... new tats on top of my feet and then socks and shoes thrown on the next day... ouch, but it's going to be worth it. I think that I'm going to put large band aids on them to protect them a bit. I like my shoes to be on good....

and now I'm done with my rambeling for today... will post tomorrow how that goes....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I totaly forgot about this little blog. Since I last updated this, I have moved. Alas not out of the sate, but to a different city. I also went back to school, I'm now a CNA although I do miss being a stay at home mom. My kids have even made the comment about how they wish I didn't work anymore. That sucks, makes me feel bad.
An update about the rugrats...
My son is now going on ten. He has speech issues back when he was small, he didn't start talking till he was almost four. So the whole time that he's been in school I've had him on an IEP for monitering purposes so that way if something came up it could be taken care of instead of causing a problem. Last year his IEP came up for renewal, they last for three years... anyway, so they decided to see if he still needed to be on it or even could qualify for it, turns out that he doesn't qualify for the program any more and had to test out of it. As part of the testing process, he had to have an IQ test, dang kid scored a 130 on it!! The hell man?! So yeah, floored the hubby and I both. I mean we knew he was smart knew there was a chance that he would have a high IQ (he had seazures as a baby and we were warned after the tests came back for that). But still it wasn't something that we really actually expected to be honest, not with all the shit going on with his sister. So yeah... anyway now his school is talking about putting him in the Gifted and Talented Program and I don't think I'm going to go for it. For one thing it will mess up the grading curve and I'm evil like that but he'll qualify for more scholarships this way as opposed to going into the other program. The base that you have to be to get into the Gifted and Talented program is 120, so he's not much higher then that. We can stimulate him at home....
The daughter is eight now, although she fuctions at a bit more then half her age. We are trying to get her on a program available in the great state of Idaho called Katie Beckett. Basicly if she fuctions at half her age or is institutionalizable then she can get on it no matter what our income is and she'll get on medicaide and that means her meds, therapy and specialists would be paid for. And that would be a VERY grand thing indeed. No more fighting with insurance companies... the less I say about that one the better.... but yeah. She has what is called "global delays" meaning that she is significantly delayed in more then one area. My daughter has fine motor, gross motor, speech and developmental delays.... on top of that, she's ADHD and has Autistic tendancies, a joy I tell you. She's been in therapy since she was thirteen months old. Right now it's just what she gets through her school. She's in regular public school and even going into the second grade, but she spends the bulk of her day in the ERR and she has an aid that is with her for the whole school day. She has no concept of danger, of bad people and we all know there are those kinds of creeps out there.... so yeah. So that's a bit scary to me, but we keep a close eye on her and her brother is great about keeping tabs on her when they are playing outside here.
The hubby amazingly enough is still employed at Micron and for those that are in the loop, it's a memory chip place that's been doing layoffs lately. We are both pleased about that though on some level I wonder if he did get laid off if it would light a fire under his ass and we would get the fuck out of here. I hate this state, I've made no secrets about that. I've wanted to leave since I moved here in '96, but when I moved here I had to. I had to get out of the situation I was in and what better way to get out of a really bad situation then to move back home? So that's what I did. Somewhere along the way, I met the hubby and got married and had two kids with the man... and now I'm still stuck in this state. He won't leave without having a job, but he's not really doing anything about that little problem either. And now given the way things are... yeah I'm not holding my breath on getting to leave anytime soon. Oh well. I make the best of it and leave for a personal vacation at least once a year.
As for me, I work now as I stated above as a CNA... I don't work at a hospital though, I work at a nursing home and to be honest I rather like it. They aren't as picky as a hospital would be regarding piercings and tats and for me that's a good thing. I have five holes in each ear, three lobes on each side and then on the right I have my cartilage and conch done and then on my left have a funky industrial going, it goes from an industrial to a conch with a lovely curve thing going. I need to get a new one or this one rebent, it's sore because the curve sticks out to far and when I lay on it puts pressure on the top and bottom of the piercing... plus I think my sunglasses jack up the top of it. Not one of my smarter ideas but be damned if I'm going to take the fucker out. No way, more then likely I'll end up experimented on with it there. I've decided that when I die there is no way I'm going to be worm food or even cremated, why spend the money? Nope, I'm going to donate what can be used to save lives and then what's left can either go to a body farm or for experimented or to a medical school for learning purposes. That's not all of my piercings though. I also have my tongue done and one other one... I have plans to get my left eyebrow done~ I think that it would love hot, I can arch that one so yeah.... and then to balance things out, I'm going to get the right side of my lower lip done and I think that I'm going to get my navel done but twice, once on top and once on bottom....
I have three tats right now... and on the 14th of August I'm going to be getting three more. When I take my next little vacation, I may get one then. Generally when I go on my vacations I come back with a new tat, this time the hubby is leaving and when he comes back I'll have a few new ones. I got my first tat on the inside of my right wrist, it's a HIM tat and I love that thing. I got it in Houston when I went to see NIN and HIM.... that was a lovely lovely vacation..... The second one I got on the inside of my left ankle, it's a Blaqk Audio tat and I got it in Michigan when I went there for Projekt Revolution. And the last one so far, I got in Vegas when I went there for Tokio Hotel and it's the Tokio Hotel logo.... Yes in case it wasn't obvious, I'm obsessed with music. One of the ones that I'm getting on the 14th is my AFI tat and although I'm not going anywhere to get it, it will be the first one that I get in Idaho, I'm looking forward to it the most. I've wanted it for crap five or six years now... most places that I've asked about it wanted either over $200 for it or wouldn't do it because they thought it was satanic or some such shit.... stupid fuckers....
The other two that I'm getting aren't band tats... just stars on my feet, saw it in a dream and thought holy shit that looks wicked! and decided to go for it. Although, in my dream I had like six little stars on each foot, I'm just getting a two inch one and that's it. At some point though, I'm going to get the one that started it all.... an ankh with the setting sun on my back and the eye of Horace on the back of my neck.... the guy that I've talked to about doing those two has a few ideas that he's toying with to bring the two together.... so yeah.....
For my next vacation, I'm going back to Vegas.... I so can't wait for it either! I mean on one hand I want to go NOW but at the same time, I'm hoping that the reason I'm going pushes things out till like early next year. I need to save still and I really want to go down with a pretty penny. We'll see how things go, but one way or another well no no matter what I will be going. Just depends on tour dates...... did I mention that I have a problem with patience? I have it with my kids, but not with much else.... and I like to plan way the fuck ahead for shit... really bad about that. And now I think I'm going to end this rambling jumble whatever......

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dang.... where did the time go?!

Wow! I feel like a real slacker.... it's the second of January already.
As for an update on our races, we did pretty good with both of them. I'm not real sure of our placement with the first one (the Christmas Run), I'm told we were about the middle of the pack. I do know that there were seventeen hundred people in that race. In the New Year's one there was only about three hundred, if I remember correctly I think we placed 237 and 238, I'm not possitive. But all in all, I'm pleased. It gives us something to shoot for with next years race and yes, I think that we will enter it again.... at least I'm game. I looked at Bandanna's race schedule for this area and there are a totel of twelve races that I want to enter in between now and July 21..... the pages aren't posted for the listings after that and I want to know what the distance before I make the decision to do it or not..... some of them sound promising but you never know........

The kids had a good Christmas, they got what they wanted most and stayed out of my hair for a few days being entertained and in thier own little worlds. I got one of the things that I wanted most, a Sony2 MP3 player. I haven't used it yet though, when I get to the point where I'm running for the full twenty minutes, then I'll start using it. For now, it's easier to just burn a new disc each week. The hubby got what he wanted, the sad thing is, we are both going to enjoy what he got... he wanted speakers and we found a really good deal on them at Circuit City.

I found out that my best friend in the whole bloody world is going to be getting married in March. It's turning out to be one hell of a month. My best friend is getting married, my hubby's brother is getting married and then I found out that my oddball uncle is going to be getting married as well..... all in the month of March. I'm not sure what date my uncle is getting married, but Erica is getting married on the 24 in Texas and then my brother in law is going to be getting married on the 31 in West Virgina. I'm going to be one busy person. And I don't even like flying that much!!

Oh well......
and the song that I posted lyrics for last, is still the only one on repeat..... it's starting to annoy the hell out of everyone..... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, December 21, 2006


There's really nothing much to say.
My Grandma had some tests done, they came back. She does have some blockage, but she's to weak to have surgery so for now they have her on meds to help, which they are. So that's good. My mom gets her cast off on Friday(tomorrow). She's looking forward to that, but she still wont have full fuction, she has to wear a walking boot next.
I've decided that I really don't like Christmas Break, my kids have been evil little brats since they've been out. We've gone past the point of them driving me nuts, they are now driving the grandparents nuts and you know when you get to that point, there is a problem. After all Grandma and Grandpa are supposed to be more patient and understanding then mommy and daddy.....

My first 5K is on Saturday and while I'm not nervous about placing or anything, it's just the matter of stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something that I've never done before. It's one thing to tell people that you run but it's something else to actually get out there and do it where others can see you. It will be fun though.

And now for the song of what is turning out to be the week.....
It's a Morrissey cover sung by AFI and the song is called "Jack the Ripper"
it's on the B-side of DecemberUnderground....... I've listened to both versions and though I like Morrissey, I like AFI's version of this song better...... I'm a bit biased though, I love AFI.

"Jack The Ripper"
[Originally by Morrissey]

oh, you look so tired
mouth slack & wide
ill-housed & ill-advised
your face is as mean
as your life has been
so, crash into my arms
i want you
you don't agree,
but you don't refuse
i know you
and i know a place
where no one is likely to pass
you don't care if it's late
and you don't care if you're lost
and oh, you look so tired
but tonight, you presumed too much
too much
too much
and if it's the last thing i'll ever do,
i'm gonna get you
crash into my arms
i want you
you don't agree,
but you don't refuse
i know you
oh, crash into my arms
i want youyou don't agree
but you don't refuse
i know you

And there you have it. If you can though I would suggest listening to both versions. I love the way Davey sings it. I wish that they would make a video for it..... I think it would be yummy. I bought AFI's music DVD this week. And all I can say is OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!OHMYGOD!!! along with much squeeling, after all I am a fan girl. I also bought a HIM music DVD that I didn't have, which turned out to be five hours of yummyness..... I've watched it once, watched AFI's four or five times, haven't watched the interviews or special stuff, just the concert. One day I will get to see AFI in a show of thier own, I've seen them at Warped but it's just not the same. I want to see HIM again too. One day......

Till next time.....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things come in threes....

I've known for some time that most things happen in threes and low and behold....
My Grandma had a small heart attack in early November, she was in the hospital for about a week, the week that I was originaly going to go and visit her (she lives in Oregon), my mom went with my youngest sister to visit my middle sister in Utah. They had only been there for a few hours when my mom took a tumble down my sisters stairs. She not only broke the same ankle that she had broke about twently years ago, she also dislocated it. She is back home and has been for a while, although she is stuck in a wheel chair until sometime in January. Then I got a phone call the other day from my mom about my Grandma (the same one from before), she is back in the hospital for tests.... she's been having chest pains and they want to know why. Not only that though, but my dad fell and broke his hip, he lives in Florida so the likelyhood of anyone seeing him is slim to none...... but dang, when it rains it pours as the saying goes.
I just hope that that's the end of this run of luck for now. And am glad that it didn't effect my kids or my hubby or even I and that my mom's not that serious..... I just hope that things with my Grandma get resolved in her favor, I'm not ready to loose her......

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've reached one of my long term goals and so the next step in it is closer and that pleases me to no end. I've lost between forty and fifty pounds since around June/July of this year. Most of that, well, pretty much all of that came off with running. I lost the last twenty pounds or so since taking it back up with Corinna. My ultimate goal of course is that size eight and it's getting closer, I'm now half way there. I'm back into my 16 jeans. That means I've gone from a 22/20 down to a 16 in five or six months, not bad at all....
So hooray for me!!
And now I get socks for my reward, but not any normal kind of socks, nope! I get running socks, the brand I love is Smartwool... they don't itch, they wick moisture away from my feel and I love the way they feel. Eventually I won't own any more cotton socks, there is a HUGE difference between them, one that I don't like. I can't wait.
This Friday, Corinna and I are going to go and register for the two races that we have planned that are coming up. After looking over a schedule, there are five others that I would like to do, we shall see though.
But for now, I must go...

*Does a happy chair dance*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

There's Snow!!!

I take that back, more like ice really. This shows just how dedicated Corrina and I are in our persuit of running, we went out and ran in it this morning. We went to the track as usual, ended up going a tad slower but with the track covered in ice and crunchy snow/ice mix what do you expect?

The first race is comming up, it's set for December 23. It's a touch short of being a 5K, although we could do the 5K run, but we aren't there yet, so we are going to be doing the fun run/walk which is 2.6 miles. However the New Years race is a 5K (3.1 miles). I'm looking forward to both of them. I'm not looking at placing, just finishing them for now. After all, you have to start somewhere.

Till next time!