Friday, July 31, 2009

Another day.....

Today was interesting but not nearly as interesting as tomorrow is going to be. I'm honestly not looking forward to it at all. I'm on a zone that I've only worked once before and my partner is well not someone that I'm really gung ho on working with. She doens't do much to help. So yeah.... I'm not sure who all is upstairs exactly but yeah... I have a feeling that I'll be snagging someone else for my two people peeps and really I only have one of those. Sunday however is going to be a whole other can of worms! Oh god... Yeah, on Sunday I'm with someone who moves slower then a snail and I'm being generous. She takes FOR FUCKING EVER to get her shit done and on top of that she takes long fucking breaks. The last time I worked with her, she took two lunches! After we got done with breakfast and laid our peeps down, she went to break... okay not a big deal. However, in the course of an hour she was on the floor for five minutes! She was gone for a half hour for her "break" and then turned around and went to lunch. Needless to say I jumped her shit.... and then let the head nurse and MOD know what had happened. She cried to our DNS, but nothing was said to me about it NOTHING!!! SO HAH!!! But now after like six months they put that twit with me..... on top of that, they stuck me with a student! So now I have to deal with pokey the slow poke and someone doing clinicals.... joy. Gotta wonder though who's brillent idea that was. Who in thier right mind would subject some poor soul to my company and 'teaching' for eight hours?! I have a feeling that unlike most weekends, this one is going to be ANYTHING but relaxing..... it's going to be a biblical nightmare..... *insert dramatic sigh here*
On a better note, this coming Friday, August 7th is WARPED!!!! And yes I will be joining the throngs of freaks and going. I'm looking forward to it. Plus I get a three day weekend that weekend. I asked for Friday and Saturday off for Warped. Then on the 14th, I get my three tats! and I have to work... I kind of wonder how that's going to go... new tats on top of my feet and then socks and shoes thrown on the next day... ouch, but it's going to be worth it. I think that I'm going to put large band aids on them to protect them a bit. I like my shoes to be on good....

and now I'm done with my rambeling for today... will post tomorrow how that goes....


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